Pearse Irish Whiskey – Distiller’s Choice

This is the third installment in our reviews of Pearse Irish Whiskey range. We have previously reviewed “The Original” and “Coopers Select” and tonight we move on to the Distiller’s Choice. As we have already told the story in the previous reviews, this will be a short one!

This whiskey has Single Malt that was produced in the stills that now sit on the Altar at St James church, the site of the Pearse Lyons Distillery and is a blend of grain and malt that includes whiskey’s that are between 4 and 9 years old. The make up of the blend is 38% Malt and 62% Grain whiskey and the majority is aged in ex-bourbon or Sherry barrels. A portion of the Malt, however, was also aged in some “Kentucky bourbon barrel ale” beer barrels and in Town Branch Bourbon barrels. As a young whiskey, one would assume that the name, Distillers Choice, suggests that the whiskey reflects the spirit created at Pearse. There is a growing trend of notes that expand the entire Pearse range so far that make them distinctive and this is no different. Obviously the distillate has an affect on the taste! As with the previous two, the Distiller’s Choice bottled at 42% ABV, its colour is all natural and it is non-chill filtered. It retails here in Ireland for just under €50. Here are my notes;

Nose – Mellow with citrus notes that also appear in the previous two Pearse Whiskeys we have reviewed. Some fresh cut grass and oak notes also present.

Palate – Smooth and very light. Hard to distinguish the flavours as they aren’t very bold or massively upfront.  Grapes, Pears and green apples are all thrown in there but none of the citrus that I expected from the nose.

Finish – Short but leaves a lovely surprising chocolate note before it disappears. That note alone, made me want the finish to last so much longer.

Overall – A little bit light throughout for me but, it would be a great entry whiskey for people to try! I prefer bolder flavours myself but the little chocolate finish makes up for the lighter palate… wasn’t expected. I’ll be suggesting it as an entry level whiskey for new comers from now on! Keep a look out for the last in our series on Pearse irish Whiskey, The Founders Reserve which will hit the site in the next day or so with a very special competition to follow that!

Photo from @PearseWhiskey on Twitter


NOTE – This sample was provided by Pearse Irish Whiskey free of charge to the author. No monetary reward was received for the review. The review, as with all reviews, was written subjectively and not influenced in anyway.

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