Pearse Irish Whiskey – Coopers Select


For the second installment of Pearse Irish Whiskey we are going to have a look at Pearse Coopers Select. If you’ve missed our first Pearse Irish Whiskey review, you’ll find the review of “The Original” here.

Like most good whiskeys this has a little story. Obviously calling it the Coopers choice is a hat tip to the Coopers and the influence that the wood has on a whiskey, but it also is a hat tip to Pearse Lyons family history. Pearse Lyons family on his mother’s side, the Dunnes, were a family of Coopers for generations. In fact it is noted that Margaret Dunne was the first female cooper in Ireland! A fitting tribute to his family legacy, this 42% whiskey is the most expensive of the core range of 4 whiskeys. It is also non-chill filtered and bottled at natural colour like all its companions from Pearse Irish Whiskey. The blend is made up of Malt and grain whiskey that were aged in bourbon for 4/4.5 years and then vatted together for another 4.5 years in first fill Oloroso sherry butts. At a retail of just under €70 it is the most expensive currently in the range and in a surprise twist, it isn’t the oldest! The Founders Choice has an age statement of 12 years old whereas the Coopers is bottled as a non-age statement whiskey. So, onto the tasting.

Nose – Very rich with a touch of nuttiness (the whiskey, not me). Big hit of citrus with orange and lemon coming through. Little touch of Star Anise

Palate – Loads of dried fruit hits you immediately. The lemony citrus note hits you fairly quick accompanied by vanilla and cinnamon. Decent malt taste in there and it seems my wife’s gingerbread men got in there too (she makes AWESOME gingerbread men at Christmas!)

Finish – First out of the trap here is a massive oaky flavour that becomes very overpowering until with a smack, it starts to rapidly disappear and open up to some traditionally wonderful Sherry notes of raisins, dates and figs with some almond thrown in for good measure. It lingers nicely for a medium to long finish.

Overall – I enjoyed this whiskey, but I generally do enjoy any Sherry finished whiskey. It’s a little expensive but it is very enjoyable and different from the usual sherry finishes. The citrus notes make it a little different and the finish is so unusual, with its big upfront oaky flavour that mellows to something you don’t expect at all, makes this a winner for me. A little birdy tells me that this is also a limited release so grab it while you still can.

Pearse Coopers Select


NOTE – This sample was provided by Pearse Irish Whiskey free of charge to the author. No monetary reward was received for the review. The review, as with all reviews, was written subjectively and not influenced in anyway.

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