My ranting, raving, thoughts and experiences as I descend through the vast world of Whiskey/Whisky. In between work and family life I have come to develop a fascination about the intricacies of whiskey production and the vast history our little island has to offer within the sector. It has become almost an obsession to learn more and more about each distillery, spirit, process and of course, their end result. As an avid whiskey collector I have come to make some fantastic friends in the area of whiskey and hope that this blog will make even more connections! As taste is subjective, I am always fascinated to hear about others tasting experiences so please drop a comment on my posts!

I myself hail from Kerry but I live and work in Cork. Father to 2 children and husband to a wonderful wife. As I work on a shift pattern, don’t be surprised to see me posting a dram on a school night! A big thanks to my wife, Rose, for the final push to actually go through with this idea!

May all your drams be good and those that aren’t, may they be great!


Disclaimer – From time to time That’s Dram Good receives samples of whiskey to review, invites to events and tours of distilleries free of charge. As per our policy, we will write all reviews subjectively and will not be influenced in any way. We will also disclose which samples have been provided free of charge.