Writer’s Tears Copper Pot Marsala Cask Finish

I’ve said it before, I’m a huge fan of Walsh Whiskey and in particular the Copper Pot release. So it was no surprise to me that I got ridiculously excited when I saw on Facebook that the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild were doing a Walsh Whiskey tasting this month AND that they would have a brand new Marsala Cask finish release from the Copper Pot Range! I’ve reviewed both the standard Copper Pot and the Cognac Cask previously and loved both of them so I had big hopes here. With a quick message to Shane and Colm in Celtic Whiskey Shop I was able to secure some bottles which my pal Dave O Connell collected for me and the rest is history (or at least it was a social media post announcing its arrival!).

@thatsdramgood Twitter post

Bottled at 45% ABV., this release is limited to just 2,430 bottles and is sure to sell out quickly. Its listed at €79.50 on Celtic Whiskeys Website.

Nose – The signature Copper Pot spice and fruitiness is there. Vanilla, red apples and a caramel sweetness. Wouldn’t have put the ABV. at 45% to be honest. Its very clean.

Palate – Rich as would be expected. Now you get to feel the higher ABV., much welcomed. Sweetness continues on here (as it does on all the Copper Pot expressions). Loads of summer fruits like pears, mango and plums.

Finish – Longish. Slight astringent finish though with a very late spice and oak note entrance that lingers just as you think everything is finished.

Overall – I could happily nose this for an evening. Some interesting flavours and notes throughout but the astringent finish just throws the balance slightly for me. I loved the cognac cask so maybe I expected too much. It’s a great whiskey no doubt but, for me, the Cognac was more balanced. Now saying all that, the slightest addition of water pulverised that bitter finish and rounded it out slightly more. I wonder will a bit of time with the open bottle improve the finish. Will have to return to it again in a few weeks.

2014 Florio Marsala and Writers Tears Copper Pot Marsala Cask (photo – That’s Dram Good)

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