The Palace Bar launched a Dingle Founding Fathers Cask

Dingle Whiskey and The Palace Bar. Two iconic names in the Irish Whiskey Industry. The Palace is easily one of my favorite pubs in Dublin. Fantastic decor, relaxed atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and a mega whiskey selection. Then you have Dingle Whiskey which has carved out it’s position as one of the most sought after whiskeys in Ireland. As two powerhouses of the industry it was bound to happen that the two would combine in the form of a Palace Bar Founding Fathers Cask!! Releasing today with a very small allocation of bottles for public sale, Willie Aherne told me this morning that he was “hugely proud to be the first (*Public*) house in Dublin to launch a Dingle Founding Fathers Cask”. It has been the culmination of months of discussion with a friend of The Palace Bar whom the cask was acquired from.

The cask itself is a 5 year old Single Malt aged exclusively in an Oloroso Sherry Cask. It turned 5 years old on the 27th May 2019 and was bottled immediately thereafter. Bottled at cask strength this Founding Fathers cask offers a whopping 58.6% ABV. When asked why they decided on cask strength Willie said that it offered “more bite. A full taste profile for the consumer and it sets the liquid apart from standard releases”. As I said above I have been advised that the bottles will be strictly sold from the Palace Bar and only from Willie himself. A bottle will set you back €250 with a measure in the bar costing €17.50. Willie wasn’t able to confirm just how many bottles would be allocated for public sale but he did say it would be a very small percentage saying “Just like our Redbreast Single Cask, we want this to be available down through the ages in the bar so I intend to ensure we keep a stock. How many will we sell to the public? I’m not sure but it wont be anywhere near all 201 bottles.”

I hope to have a review up soon……if I can get a bottle!! I expect there to be a rush on the Palace Bar this evening!!

The Palace Bar Dingle Founding Fathers Cask pictured outside the iconic Fleet Street bar


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