The Whistler 10 year old

“How the years whistle by”. This is the tag line on the bottle of Whistler 10 year old and man is it spot on. Our little blog now well over a year old and as I go to review this dram I realise its been a few months since I reviewed its younger 7 year old brother here. Time flys…..or whistles on.

boann distillery logoI gave an into in the previous blog which I wont repeat but I will repeat that this is 46% ABV., natural colour and non chill filtered just like its younger sibling. Aged in ex-bourbon casks and finished in Sherry casks, it should be noted that this is sourced spirit while Boann get up and running (this year). Sourced spirit isn’t a bad thing folks, its necessary for cash flow in most places until a distillery is up and running. The key to sourced spirit is transparency that it is such, and of course what the buyer does with it afterwards. Boann have always been transparent that it is sourced and they then finish it themselves to create their portfolio. RRP of this 10 year old is €60 and is available from most large whiskey shops in Ireland. Shout out to my pal Matt Healy for providing the wee samples of The Whistler for me to review. Here are my notes;

Nose – Much easier on the nose than the 7 year old with loads of Sherry notes here. Raisins and figs with some orange peal just like its younger brother.

Palate – Both fruity and sweet. Raisins and orange contrasted by vanilla and honey. Some treacle and ginger but it leans more towards a fruitier side than the sweet as it goes towards the finish.

Finish – Medium finish that continues the trend from the palate and adds in green apples along with some toffee notes. Sill some mouth drying but not as much as the 7 year old.

Overall – A very enjoyable dram and more balanced than its younger brother. Not overly complex but a grand sipper on a cold night. Don’t bother with water, for me it killed everything. We’ll have a review of the latest edition of the Whistler, the Oloroso Sherry Cask in the next few weeks.


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