Sonny Molloy’s Redbreast Single Cask – Review

Sonny Molloy’s is one of the most well known pubs in Galway, recognised all over Ireland as a fantastic venue and a great whiskey bar. With sister venues such as the Front Door and the Dail bar, it’s no wonder that the pub attracts a big crowd most days of the week in it’s small triangle on the main strip of Galway City. The pub itself was once a draper shop owned by the well known and loved Sonny Molloy. Although he was a modest man, Sonny was a larger than life character who known for his friendly charm. In fact, Sonny also held a medal for bravery for an incident where he dived off O’Briens bridge in Galway to save a man from drowning. A real character. A real Galweigian. Sonny passed away on the 14th of December 2014 and is now immortalised in the pub that carries his name. A pub that is also larger than life and known for the friendly charm of it’s staff. Galway. You have got to love it.

Sonny Molloy himself in his drapery shop that would eventually become “Sonny Molloys pub”

So lets fast forward to present day and Sonny’s has become the first on-trade establishment to release a Redbreast Single cask. Aged in Cask 10351, a 500 litre Sherry butt, only 570 bottles were filled once it was de-gorged and from that number, only 200 have been allocated for public sale. As most people will know the only downside to a Redbreast Single Cask is that there is very little personalisation to it. All that can go on it is the establishments name. In Sonny’s case they have went all out and are selling them as gift packs. Your bottle of Redbreast, two custom Galways Crystal tumblers bearing the Redbreast name and logo and a certificate signed by Master Distiller, Brian Nation. All this will set you back a cool €345. The going rate nowadays for a Redbreast Single Cask it seems.

So onto the liquid. It is bottled at 58.7% ABV and non chill filtered. First thing that strikes you is it’s deep rich colour. Here are my tasting notes;

Nose – Extremely rich sherry nose. A nice deep oak note complimenting dark chocolate and coffee with a hint of blackberries hiding in the background.

Palate – You really have to chew through this delight. A wonderful mouth coating to this. Big front loading of pot still spicy that gives way to almonds, raisins, apricot and dare I say, a touch of peach! A wee drop of water does dial it back and makes it more nutty and fruity.

Finish – Long linger spiciness that leaves a slight dark chocolate note all around my mouth. Salvating for more…….

Overall – An absolute belter. Did I expect anything less? No. Redbreast Single Casks are all absolutely stunning having been hand selected by Billy Leighton himself. Complex yet delicate masterpieces that allow the drinker to go on a merry dance of flavours. This is a a drop I’ll be calling back for!



A big thanks to Sonny Molloy’s who invited me to attend the launch. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but this sample and a Sonny’s Redbreast glass made it’s way to me free of charge. In line with our policy, this review, as with all reviews, was written subjectively and not influenced in anyway.

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