Christmas gift ideas from That’s Dram Good – Part 2

In Part 1 of our Christmas Gift Ideas we recommended some whiskeys throughout a few price ranges. In Part 2 we are looking at some whiskey related gift ideas. That “something” different rather than the usual bottle of whiskey you might buy someone each year. So I looked at the bits and pieces I had myself and trawled for ideas. And you know what? We don’t have to leave the island of Ireland for some smashing Whiskey related gifts!

Whiskey Craft

Now this is like the Aladdin’s Cave of whiskey gifts. Owned by John Daly and based in Wexford, Whiskey Craft has something for everyone. From a full sized whiskey barrel that is actually a whiskey bar (see below), to 2litre whiskey casks, to oak wall clocks and onto whiskey still models, there is something for everyone’s budget. I’ve dealt with John on several occasions and always found the service and products to be top notch (I’ve a clock…..a 2ltr cask…..a still……and some more bits!! Yes, I’m a nerd). For their full range of items have a look at their shop here.

Home Bar Barrel from Whiskey Craft


Túath Glass

Pronounced Tu-ah, this is the first purpose designed Irish whiskey glass to hit the market. Scotch has the iconic Glencairn……we now have the Túath glass! So full disclosure here, if I’m doing tasting notes for the blog I use a Copita glass. I find it’s smaller internal area, narrower rim and stem make it easier for me to ascertain notes. However, that being said, if I’m sitting down for an everyday drinker it is the Túath I go for and you’ll regularly see it on my Facebook and Twitter photos. I really like the quirky stem to hold, the big volume you can put in it and I love the way the glass rim rolls outwards. Also, due to the design, you can lay the glass on it’s side which naturally traps aromas inside the glass ready for you to enjoy! If your whiskey friend doesn’t have one, then they need one! Available for between €9.95 and €10.95 each, Túath’s stockists are located around the country and you can view the list here.

Tuath (5)
Túath gold rimmed glass


Whiskey Wood Craft

A cabinet maker by trade, Whiskey Wood Crafts owner Greg came to our fair Isle all the way from Australia, when he fell in love with an Irish woman! (similar to me and why I’m in Cork!!!). Whiskey Wood Craft have a small number of premium wooden items such as cuff links and tie clips. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what does this have to do with whiskey gifts? Well, the items are made out of whiskey barrel staves!! Personally, I have the cuff links and tie clip set (see here) and they are very well made. Discreet but still very eye catching and they are often the start of a conversation piece when I explain they are made from whiskey staves. And at €35 they are great value. Whiskey Wood Crafts online store and their entire range can be found here.

Whiskey stave Tie clip and Cuff links – Whiskey Wood Craft


Dingle Crystal Pot Still Decanter

Founded by Master Cutter Sean Daly in 1998, Dingle Crystal has gone from strength to strength with a huge tourist trade in Kerry. But lately, Sean has expanded into crystal whiskey glasses and decanters. If I’m honest, I had previously looked at the prices online and thought “they are a little expensive”. That all changed when I had the opportunity to attend a tasting hosted by the Dingle Chapter of the Irish Whiskey Society inside the crystal factory in October. A demonstration from Sean shows us just how much skill is involved in his craft and using his glasses on the night made me appreciate the quality that comes from Dingle Crystal. In particular, I was very impressed in the crystal Pot Still decanter, photos of which does it NO justice! This particular decanter can be purchased for €205 in their shop in Dingle or online here.

Pot Still Decanter – Dingle Crystal


L. Mullligan Whiskey Shop – Hip Flask Service

Now this is one of the most ingenious ideas of 2018. So what’s it all about.  First things first, you need to buy your membership. This comprises of buying an L.Mulligan Hip flask! There’s no yearly fee…..just buy the flask as this is the only thing they will fill (no empty Lucozade bottles their website says). Fill you say?? Yes….fill. Once you buy your hip flask you can then decide what to put into it. The shop has a selection of 5 whiskeys in small whiskey casks and demijohns (the casks are lined with stainless steel to ensure the spirit doesn’t change). You select your whiskey and fill your hip flask from it and pay the fee for that fill. Each fill is 175ml which is 5 standard pub measures. As of this week, the whiskeys available are – Nikka Coffey Grain €25, Kilbeggan Small batch Rye €17 (limited), Ardbeg 10 years old €21, Millstone 100% Dutch Rye €18 and Glenfiddich 15 Solera Reserve €27. This is a great way to try new whiskeys each week without having to fork out for full bottle. The only problem I see with it is, I cant avail of the service regularly living in Cork!! But I plan to pick up a hip flask to make my occasional trips to Dublin easier to bare! For more information about the service have a look at their website here.

Hip flash service from L.Mulligan Whiskey Shop


And there you have it. Our recommendations for Christmas gifts for 2018. We hope they help to make up your mind on what to purchase and hopefully make someones Christmas epic!

Please note that Part 1 and Part 2 of our gift ideas were not sponsored in anyway and are recommended from personal experience only.

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