Jameson Triple Triple

Triple Distilled. Triple Casked. The play on words for the latest Jameson travel retail exclusive is going down well. Launched in July, we ran the press release here which details its launch. This, as with all Jameson Whiskeys these days, is a blend made up of Single Pot Still and Single Grain whiskey. Along with the standard Bourbon aging, the Triple Triple has influence of Sherry casks and also Malaga casks. Although the introduction of Malaga casks is a first for the Jameson Brand, it isn’t a first for Irish Distillers. Yellow Spot which we all know and love is influenced by Malaga casks and so when I saw the press release, I was intrigued and excited to try what basically could be, a Yellow spot blend! So its no surprise that once it was available from the great people in The Loop in Cork Airport, I bought a bottle straight away!

Retailing at €52 duty paid and €34 duty free, its good value for those flying outside the E.U. Coming in a litre bottle almost makes up for the 40% ABV. As most will be aware, I think 46% should be the minimum whiskey ABV.! So, lets have a look at how it tastes;

Nose – Sweetness in the form of a Cadbury’s caramel bar. Both milk chocolate and caramel/toffee are evident. Slight lemon rind note with a cinnamon spice.

Palate – Light yet slightly buttery mouth feel. Dark chocolatey now with a slight note of stone fruits. Raisins from the sherry cask are evident with a lovely burst of lemon and lime. Lovely sweetness.

Finish – Medium if not a bit short but more fruits are revealed here, apples and then some vanilla.

Overall – Travel retail exclusive. Where whiskeys come to die. Quite often they are the eye rolling emoji of the whiskey world. They normally just lack that care or oomph to really shine. I must say the previous Jameson travel retail trio, the Bold, unLively and Dull certainly fell into that category for me (I jest, they are actually called Bold, Lively and Round). This however…..yum. This however, is worth the price considering its a litre bottle and certainly worth it at duty free prices. Packed with great easy to drink flavours, It’s no Yellow Spot, but its a dram fine whiskey for a travel retail exclusive! I can see this being a big seller, I doubt very many will have a bad word to say about its easy drinking characteristics.

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