announce pre-order sales of Dingle Single Malt Batch 4

Dingle Whiskey. The single biggest release of the year, every year. If it was first come first serve in shops there would be a week long queue outside each of the whiskey shops in Ireland and there would be carnage as soon as the doors opened! It’s popularity is mind boggling to the point of questioning peoples sanity but as each release goes by and each auction closes, Dingle continues to surprise me! And as I’ve said in my review of Batch 1 here, I have always been a believer in the liquid they are producing. With each release, it only gets better!

So as the official launch date for Dingle Batch 4 approaches tomorrow, the 4th of April, details of the bottles are coming to the fore! The Batch 4 Single Malt will be released in a batch of 30,000. So thankfully the availability will be plentiful this time round which is great news for those of us who both collect and open these bottles to drink! Yes….people actually open Dingle whiskey! The cask strength release however, has once again been indicated as being only 500 bottles as a hat tip to the 500 Founding Fathers. And yet again this will cause a huge scramble for drinkers, collectors and the dreaded flippers as the low numbers are only available in Ireland and the U.K.! While I advocated a last man standing, fight to the death, fight club idea, it seems others have taken a far more sensible approach. Irish malts, one of the newest online retailers for Irish whiskey and spirits, have a unique selling point for the single malt. When a customer buys two or more bottles of Dingle Single Malt, they get entered into a draw for a cask strength bottle! Better odds than trying to get a bottle in retail! Everyone and their grandmother is trying to reserve a bottle, so for me, I’ll be entering that competition and pre ordering two bottles today on their site. While it is bring launched in Dublin tomorrow, shipping of the bottles does not begin until next Monday, the 8th of April so you’ll still have a week to wait for the precious liquid.


If you haven’t checked Irish Malts out already, your missing out. As you may have seen here on the blog and on my social media, I have used them several times over the last few months and their service is fantastic. Quick, easy, well packed and very reasonable prices and shipping. I highly recommend them!

Check out the blog tomorrow for more in depth details and the official Dingle press release!



One thought on “ announce pre-order sales of Dingle Single Malt Batch 4”

  1. Omar,
    I fully agree with the sentiment of actually drinking Dingle. #3 for me was their best to date, you see the progression and with Cork Whiskey Soc trip last year was lucky to get an advance taste of #3, in my top 3 of 2018 after The Irishman Coffee Stout finish and RedSpot 15 yrs.

    Roll on #4…..and the scramble for Cask Strength 👍

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