Irishman Single Malt Coffee Stout Cask Finish – Review

So we’re back into the full swing of reviews after the usual Christmas gluttony! Alas, I spent my Christmas working but not to worry….I’m planing on making up for it in the next few days! First up is a look at The Irishman Single Malt Whiskey – Coffee Stout Cask Finish which we released as a news article in November. A collaboration from the fantastic Walsh Distillery and Dick Macs Pub and Brewhouse in Dingle it uses Walsh’s standard Irishman Single Malt which combines ex Bourbon barrel aging and Oloroso Sherry finishing with an additional 9 month finish in casks seasoned with Dick Macs own Coffee Stout. It is bottled at 48% and non-chill filtered.

The bad news straight off the bat is that this is sold out. All gone. None left. With only 240 bottles released and priced at a reasonable €75, this was always going to sell quickly through the Celtic Whiskey Shop. I was lucky enough to get a bottle. Yep….one bottle! I had tried to get two bottles after tasting it at the Whiskey Live after party but alas even my “connections” could only manage one bottle! So here we go;

Nose – An instant milk chocolate note. Loads of fruit, orchard and stone fruit. An obvious malt note with some very light roasted nuts in the background.

Palate – A silky mouth feel for a malt whiskey that is warming. Slight bitterness but once again a chocolate note following on from the nose. More of a dark chocolate here than the milk chocolate nose.

Finish – More towards the long side. Warmth that slowly dissipates and leaves a lovely espresso note rolling around the mouth.

Overall – Both Finn and Peter from Dick Macs are going to get some foot up the rear when I see them again. Like seriously, who fills ONE cask of this stuff!!! Come on lads you’ve broken my heart! This is yet again a super whiskey to emerge from Walsh and I believe the first of many from Dick Macs. If the rest are as good as this lads, ye may want to up the quantity! While its all sold out, Dick Macs in Dingle have it for sale by the measure for €12 (open to correction on the price!)…..its worth a try!

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