Adare Manor set to launch their own Midleton Very Rare Whiskey

Adare Manor. I almost feel I don’t need to say anymore. Luxury. Opulence. Lavish. Just some of the words that spring to mind. From today, however, whiskey will also be in the forefront of my thoughts. For today marks the press release for the upcoming release of the Midleton Very Rare – Adare Manor bottling.

I have been to Adare Manor many times. I’ve never stayed there but have often collected very close family friends from there every Christmas and I am always filled with awe when I drive into the grounds. Adare itself is set on an 840-acre estate in County Limerick and is considered one of Ireland’s leading five star castle properties. In fact, it is also considered the best in the world having won “Global Hotel of the Year 2018” in the highly competitive Virtuoso “Best of the Best Awards 2018”. The resort re-opened in November 2017 following an extensive restoration, refurbishment and expansion programme over a 21 month period. The largest restoration project of it’s kind in Ireland, the renovation and expansion honours the building’s architectural heritage as a Neo-Gothic masterpiece while incorporating the latest in contemporary luxury. Most notably, the expansion included a new 42-bedroom wing, increasing accommodations to a total of 104 guest rooms, and a ballroom which can host up to 350 guests. No doubt, no expense has been spared in it’s renovation.

The hotel has a fantastic, albeit a little pricey, whiskey menu in their Tack Room bar. It’s one of the first things I look at, obviously, when I enter any hotel. You name it, and they most likely have it. So the next obvious step was, of course, to purchase a cask and have their stamp on a bottle. And buying your own Midleton branded whiskey was never going to be cheap and certainly not at the quality that would be demanded by Adare Manor. Hand selected by Master Distiller Brian Nation, aged for 23 years and bottled at 52.5% ABV, it costs €2,000 a bottle. It may seem costly, but when you look at other very special Midleton releases, it is really on par and, like many things with Adare Manor, they have done the launch in style. The first 22 people to purchase a bottle will join Master Distiller Brian Nation, Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett and the Adare Manor team for a special evening which will include, sampling of rare varieties of Midleton whiskey and culminating in a tasting of the Adare Manor Midleton Very Rare Single Cask Irish Whiskey. This also includes an overnight stay in Adare Manor with breakfast the following morning! Now when you think that an overnight in Adare is €500… makes purchase a little more tempting! Word of warning though, this evening is on the 4th of November and places are limited so don’t delay if you are so inclined!

Speaking to Brendan O’Connor, Resident Manager at Adare Manor today, he said:

“We are honoured and excited to host this premium whiskey evening at Adare Manor. It is very special to be able to welcome the craftsmen from the Midleton Distillery led by Brian Nation and Barry Crockett to Adare Manor for the first time following our special collaboration, where a meticulous tasting and selection process resulted in the wonderful discovery of a whiskey, which embodies the exceptional heritage and luxury of Adare Manor.  We are privileged to have them with us.  Over the past two years, we at Adare Manor have amassed one of the rarest whiskey collections in Ireland from around the world, which has received huge praise and admiration from guests to date. Guests joining us on the 4th of November can look forward to an evening to remember featuring the finest, rare whiskeys from Midleton Distillery within the luxury setting of The Tack Room bar in the Manor House”.

Details on the cask

Adare Manor’s Midleton Very Rare whiskey is a single cask Irish whiskey, which was laid down to mature on the 12th of January 1995 in an American oak barrel that previously held Bourbon whiskey.  A single pot still Irish whiskey, the distillate was crafted from a mash of malted and unmalted barley and distilled three times in Midleton’s copper pot stills – a process that creates a silky mouthfeel and imparts a spicy character to the finish. After 23 years in the maturation warehouse, carefully overseen by the craftsmen of Midleton, the result is a smooth and complex Irish whiskey with notes of sandalwood, dark chocolate and zesty fruits, which is bottled at 52.5% ABV.  With 192 bottles from the cask, it is going to remain Very Rare. Of that nearly 100 bottles are already laid down in the hotel’s cellar for their own use and distribution. With 22 bottles being sold for the launch, the hotel will reveal their plans for the remaining bottles in the new year.

Brian Nation is quoted stating;

“We are delighted to be coming to Adare Manor in County Limerick, to mark the launch of Midleton Very Rare Adare Manor single cask Irish whiskey – a first for the Midleton Distillery. As the ultimate expression of luxury Irish whiskey, it is an honour for us to partner with Adare Manor and inspire their guests with the history, taste and production method of Midleton Very Rare. We are looking forward to sharing this experience with guests on the 4th of November and unveiling the next chapter of Midleton Very Rare to world.”

Brian has also given us some tasting notes to make our mouth salivate!

Nose – Deep rich oak influence, notes of sandalwood combining with pot still spices and sweet toffee notes developing into hints of coffee and dark chocolate along with a light fruit contribution that continues to develop overtime.

Taste – Initial spicy sensation that gives way to a smooth mouth coating texture derived from the traditional pot still character of the distillate. Zesty fruit notes are effortlessly layered on a vanilla and toffee background while the defined oak contribution remains continuously in the background.

Finish – Long and rich. The spices fade leaving a residual sweetness on toasted oak that lingers until the very end.

How to purchase?

Adare Manor have provided us with the following details on how to secure a place;

For people wishing to reserve a place at this special evening, please contact Adare Manor Reservations team on 061 605 200 or at  Tickets can also be purchased directly online at (or click here). Special tickets are priced at €2,000 for one guest.  Included in the ticket price is an overnight stay in a Deluxe Manor Room with breakfast, a ticket to the Rare Whiskey tasting event and a bottle of the Adare Manor Midleton Very Rare Irish whiskey.  Ticket holders may wish to bring a guest to overnight and join them at the whiskey event, at an additional charge of €200 to avail of the overnight stay when sharing the same room.  We are limited to only 22 tickets for the special whiskey launch event and recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.  Please be advised no refunds are permitted, names may be transferred on request.

2 thoughts on “Adare Manor set to launch their own Midleton Very Rare Whiskey”

  1. Throw in a round of golf and a spot of fishing with my bro in law Paddy Dunworth on the river and you will have the time of your life. Just for the bottle alone that sounds like one fantastic investmenjt and treat for a real whiskey lover. I’d be mighty tempted.


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