Jameson Cold Brew Launches

This week gone I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Midleton Distillery for a tour of the archive and to attend the Irish Whiskey Academy. During the academy two bottles were produced from behind the bar at the Malt House restaurant by Ciarán O Donovan, the International Brand Ambassador and Tutor at the Irish Whiskey Academy. They were bottles of Jameson Cold Brew. A new departure for Irish Distillers, this was reveled a few weeks ago at an event in Dublin but this was the first time that it was delivered for media (no, I don’t consider myself media…..I mean the 5 actual journalists that were with me!!).

Poured over ice, it was sweet with the unmistakable Jameson notes combined with a rich black coffee. It was unusual. For me it actually got better as the ice melted which was strange as I thought I’d prefer it to be more ABV driven. At 35% ABV. it obviously doesn’t class as Irish Whiskey but rather an Irish Spirit drink. Honestly, I’m wondering where this fits into the portfolio. Is it a departure for the better or worse? As my wife always says, I’m stuck in my ways. The first drop left me wondering would I have preferred a neat whiskey after lunch or just a regular coffee. That aside, I’m going to pick up a bottle and give it another whirl. Maybe I’ll pressure Chris Hennessy from The Dylan Bar in Kilkenny to devise a cocktail for it…..I think that could actually work really really well. Until then, have a read of the official press release and tasting notes below.

Photo by That’s Dram Good

Press Release

Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is produced by Irish Distillers in Midleton Distillery, is set to pilot a new and innovative take on the classic combination of Irish whiskey and coffee; Jameson Cold Brew. Jameson Cold Brew will be trialled in limited quantities from September 2018 in response to the growing global appetite for Irish whiskey, quality coffee and coffee-driven cocktails such as the espresso martini.

Jameson Cold Brew is a combination of triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey and refreshing cold brew coffee extract, crafted from the finest, 100% Fairtrade arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil. The result is a smooth, new Irish whiskey experience, with a bold coffee taste balanced with charred wood on the palate and a warming mouthfeel on the finish.

Underpinning the long-standing association between Jameson and coffee, Jameson Cold Brew is best served over ice or in a coffee cocktail such as the Jameson Cold Brew martini or the Jameson Cold-Fashioned. The pilot innovation is set to inspire bartenders and appeal to lovers of whiskey, coffee and food with a new Jameson experience that can be enjoyed from day to night.

Jameson Cold Brew is set to tap into the rise in popularity of both Irish whiskey and coffee culture in key cities around the world, typified by all-day coffee shops that cater for both a daytime caffeine fix and evening cocktail experience. Bottled at 35% ABV, the new release will debut in Dublin’s Jameson Distillery Bow St, and Dublin Airport from September 2018 at an RRP €28.50.

Brendan Buckley, Strategy, Innovation and Prestige Director at Irish Distillers, commented: “Over the past 10 years, we have seen the continued rise in popularity of both Irish whiskey and craft coffee culture, and while the two are no strangers in the glass we wanted to modernise this iconic duo. Jameson Cold Brew combines the best of both worlds in a new and refreshing way and we are confident that Irish whiskey and coffee fans alike will enjoy the taste experience it offers.”

Official tasting notes –

Appearance: Rich dark brown

Aroma: Intense rich coffee bean aromatics combined with the vanilla nuttiness of Jameson

Taste: Distinctive, bold and natural with refreshing coffee impact followed by charred wood from the pot still whiskey contribution on the palate. Full-bodied, smooth and warming mouthfeel

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